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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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welcome to all people, just like the icon expand stretching across the golden gate. and believe me, she has this 30 result of the 746-foot tall towers. beyond all that, leader pelosi appreciates the beauty that surrounds this bridge. she has ensure the national park lands that touched this bridge retain their splendor. time and again she has been a force for preserving these treasured lands. time and again she has been a champion for their ongoing improvement and community benefit. and here on the lands of the presidio in san francisco, she envisioned and legislated the unique model of the presidio trust, an innovative federal agency that has transformed an army post to a national park with the partnership of the national park service and park conservancy. [applause]
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leader pelosi is deeply committed to the beauty of the american dream. she is deeply committed to the beauty of the golden gate and our magnificent city. she is deeply committed to the beauty of america. to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the bridge and the 25th anniversary of congresswoman and democratic leader nancy pelosi, the national park service has probably made available its staff member martin stopped to sing one of her favorite songs. this song celebrates the beauty of america bridging us all, from sea to shining sea. [applause]
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♪ 4 purple mountains majesty above the the rooted plain america america god grant his grace on thee and ccrown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea
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o, beautiful for patriot streams that sees beyond the years thine alabaster city sleeve undimmed by human america america god grant his grace on thee and crown thy good with
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brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ [applause] >> martin, my goodness, that was absolutely beautiful. and now, on behalf of the golden gate bridge and all that it stands for, please join me in welcoming democratic leader nancy pelosi.
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thank you so much, nancy. [applause] >> this has come as a great surprise to me, so i am a little bit embarrassed, but i think i am getting over it. i love that song, especially the second verse that martin sang. o beautiful for patriot streams that sees beyond the years. that is exactly what the people who envisioned this bridge did. they saw beyond the years, in many ways. certainly as a physical infrastructure, but all that it stands for. the nine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears. that is san francisco. that reminds me of san francisco every time i hear it's song. never more beautifully then by martin scott.
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he is a member of the park service but we hear him down at a memorial sunday mornings. thank you so much for lifting us up with your beautiful voice and that wonderful song. i am rather overwhelmed. i want to thank janet for her leadership of the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. didn't she managed to show appreciation to so many people so graciously? it just seems like your corporate thing to do. thank you for yoand for expressl want to do, which is to thank everyone who was a part of all this. governor brown, oh, wow. [laughter] in the spirit of his remarks -- cynthia was carried over the bridge with her father.
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she was a baby at the time. in that spirit, as we commemorate the 75th anniversary, it is pretty exciting for us in the theme of, from sea to shining sea, national park service, national conservancy, golden gate, recreation area -- i would like to knowledge the role that president obama had in passing the recovery act, which provided some of the funds for us to be able to do the presidio parkway. the beat goes on in terms of enhancing what this means to us and what it does for us. in that spirit, i also want to acknowledge some one -- when the superintendent was speaking, he referenced this golden gate recreation area is celebrating its 40th anniversary. none of that would have been possible without the leadership in congress -- of congressman
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phillip burton, my predecessor there. [applause] and dr. it occur we burn, amy meyer, who were inspired. anyways, it took a lot of people with their thinking, their ideas, the termination, to get the job done. today, i am honored to join our great mayor, taking this to the next that. yes, it is about innovation, mr. mayor, but it is about who we are as san franciscans in the greater san francisco bay area. they told us to wear orange. thanks to you, larry, winning the world series, we all have a lot of orange that we celebrated with before, and we continue to route on our giants. thank you for the role you are playing here today. nancye hellman, nothing great happens in our community without your family's involvement. thank you for your leadership as chair of the presidio trust and
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so many other things. [applause] you probably think i'm going to repeat all the names that janet did not, but she did it so well, so to all of you who were acknowledged, honors granted, with special mention of mark buehl. he is a bridge for all of us and all of the entities that we mentioned. thank you, mark, for your of leadership. [applause] i want to a knowledge gus, who worked on the bridge. i also want to pick knowledge of the steelworkers, iron workers, the other workers who helped bridge -- build this bridge. can you imagine that? actually working on the bridge. our very special guest. today, we come together on the 75th anniversary of the golden
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gate bridge to cut the ribbon, a member of gives to the bridge, designed to showcase this landmark, tell its story, and tell its history. others have already said what they are. we will go on with the ribbon cutting momentarily. we want to also celebrate what this bridge has given us, what it has meant to our city, state, and nation, from sea to shining sea. we are possesses of this bridge in this area but it is a national treasure. and it is recognized throughout the world as such. before there was a golden gate bridge, there was a golden gate, a golden gate way to america. the place where our troops came home from battle. when they came through the golden gate, they knew that they were home, safely home.
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it is a symbol of hope for immigrants who have come to our shore, and when they came through at golden gate, decades and decades ago and continued to do so, they knew that they could have access to the american dream. it is a gateway to the american dream. those immigrants and those troops are all a blessing to america. we can only imagine what was in their hearts and minds as they saw that it way. 75 years ago, people of courage and innovation decided that there would be a bridge. the mayor pat the describes that it is a symbol of innovation, then and now. built in the midst of the depression, as has been referenced, this bridge is a reminder that no matter what the
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daunting challenge, no matter how daunting, overwhelming, other, -- america always invests in big and bold endeavors. the construction of the golden gate bridge is a history overcome the doubts, the final thoughts, and achieving what many thought were impossible. even in an era of economic turmoil, in the middle of a depression, this bridge took just 4.5 years to build. indeed, the symbols of courage and innovation have always define this city, this region, the state, and our country, and they do still today. just think of the courage that it took for the bay area people to risk their homes, their farms, and their businesses, their very livelihood, as
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collateral for the bonds needed to build the bridge. just think of that sense of community. think of the curve required of joseph strauss and his colleagues when they engineered and constructed the bridge, and it kept reporting -- repeating the words of the critics. they will never build the bridge. no one can build a bridge over the golden gate because of insurmountable difficulties. that was what was said about it at the time. 75 years ago, at the completion of the international orange marble, strauss would probably right, at last, the mighty task is done. 75 years later, we recall the words of that same poem he wrote. launched the midst of a thousand hopes and fears, and damned
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thousand hostile sneers, yet never its course has strayed. and here we are today, 75 years later. it is a point of personal privilege for many of us here to remember the 50th anniversary. remember that? what a crowd we all remember the unexpected crowd that showed up to walk across the bridge. a little different from the inauguration. in the 25 years since, i have had the privilege in congress to work with so many of you here. certainly, janet is relentless and persisted in her advocacy for this bridge. appropriately, in the bridge international orange, that is how she comes into congress to remind us of what our challenges and responsibilities are. this is a bridge that we always
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want to strengthen. again, the approaches to it as well. janet riley, thank you for your leadership once again. [applause] it takes all of that to preserve the bridge. working together, with almost everyone here, they have done that to ensure the bridge will remain a symbol of strength for san francisco, this area, and an iconic image of our city for future generations. today, our gift to the bridge reflects our join in celebrating the golden gate bridge. as joseph strauss wrote, and i will say again, resplendent in the western sun. that is, indeed, this morning. for san francisco and the bay area, this bridge is a faithful companion for californians, of
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course, a source of great pride and a symbol of who we are, the golden gate way, and for americans, is a national treasure. together, we observe the 75th anniversary. doesn't it seem like yesterday it was the 50th anniversary? so i was see you at the 100th. in the meantime, we pledge to continue in honoring the history of this bridge for decades to come. and now, following the lead of the governor and mayor, it is my privilege to present a framed copy of the official congressional statement, record honoring the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, so that my colleagues can see it and take pride in this bridge, which we honor, from sea to shining sea. thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> congresswoman, i think you so much, and congratulations on your anniversary and port for 25 years and even more years of service, for our city, state, and our country. it is very much appreciated. you have changed the world. thank you. [applause] and i know you will not believe this, but i have actually not an acknowledged someone in the audience, and that is our first lady of the great city and county of san francisco, anita lee. anita, welcome. [applause] now is my pleasure to induce someone who i have done very well because he has the awesome responsibility to care for this bridge we all love so much.
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he is also responsible for ensuring the safe crossing of the day for people in cars, people in buses, ferries, bikes, and on foot. please welcome the night general manager of the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district, mr. dennis mulligan. [applause] >> thank you, janet. it is a pleasure to be here today with all of you to celebrate this momentous occasion. over 75 years ago, people said this bridge cannot be built. not only has it been built, but it has been cared for over these many decades. the construction and steel -- did not happen on its own. it has taken the ingenuity of designers, architects, and part of men and women in labor. this bridge has tested the time -- blasted pay test of time. this has been a national lamarck
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for all the speed whether painting, repairing, retrofitting, were operating the bridge, dedicated group of women and men worked nonstop to bring a tradition of public service to all of us that we can all be proud of mandibulate. representing this tradition, we have the families of some of the original engineers and gatekeepers, the past and current bridge workers. i would never introduce the relatives of those that greeted this fabulous bridge. any project like this is a team effort. it takes civic leaders, money, creative people, and tremendous amounts of hard work. i would ask that you hold your applause until everyone has been acknowledged. we are pleased to have descendants of the original chief engineer joseph strauss with us today. lee hammill. drew and eric gottlieb.
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we are also fortunate to have descendants of the chief resident engineer did the construction, russell cohen. two of his granddaughters are here today. thank you for coming. we also have descendants of the state legislature. it takes civic leaders and legislation and people who have the vision to make this happen. the bill was signed in 1923 and authorize the creation of the golden gate bridge and highway district. his granddaughter is here with us today from chicago. alan, thank you for coming so far. christopher mcdonald is the grandson of the third general manager, alan macdonald. we also have with us those of us whose fathers and grandfathers help to bridge -- bill this magnificent bridge. that then, unfortunately, it was most in men that did the construction. today, it has changed dramatically.
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now want to ask the current bridge workers to stand up to big knowledge. any of them around the perimeter. finally, i want to recognize someone who has been recognized at least once. gus, we are pleased to have you here. you were a teenager when you work on the bridge. we are so blessed to have you here today. thank you for being here. [applause] when the bridge was built in the 1930's, -- we currently do not own this land -- is owned by the government. but we got a permit by the department of board to build this bridge. the tradition of the military goes well beyond that. we are thrilled this memorial day weekend to celebrate another tradition in the passing of this bridge, military service. uniformed men and women shipping out as our madam leader said earlier. during world war ii, more than 5000 ships sailed under the bridge. it is the last of the men and
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women going to the korean war and in vietnam. add to these historic links, as the golden gate bridge was opened up in 1957, that had a week-long celebration for sailors. sailors have a long history of celebrating in san francisco, too. reflecting on this history of military service and the passage of military vessels, we are pleased to announce in a half hour the destroyer uss decatur will pass underneath the golden gate bridge. it is arriving in the bay area for a change of command ceremony. we are very fortunate to have the uss decatur joining us. please join me in welcoming the mother of the current commander of the uss to cater -- decatur. [applause] we also have with us today the
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future commander of this vessel. thank you. [applause] at 11:30, you can go up to the flagpole and look down to see the uss decatur make the pass under the bridge. another extra surprise for all of us, later this weekend, an aircraft carrier, the uss nimitz, will also sale underneath the bridge. it is my honor to extend our appreciation to those in the military community and those in the san francisco fleet week committee. thank you for organizing this weekend. [applause] thank you very much. >> thank you so much. now i would like to welcome two civic leaders known and loved throughout our city for their civic leadership and for their
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service. nancy hellman of the presidio trust and the larrybair -- and larry bair of the standards as the giant. we were pleased when they both agree to co-chair as our celebration. the steering committee has been to critical to success of this anniversary. have spearheaded the yearlong program of events and tributes, the anniversary weekend events, and have raised corporate and philanthropic funds to support this effort. nancye and mary, i invite you to introduce the ceremony of opening our anniversary gift to the bridge. please give a warm welcome to nancye helmand bechtel and mr. larry baer. [applause] >> i have to say, it has been a
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real thrill for the entire year i worked on this. what could be better than to be involved that great icon back there? it is a work of art, it is an engineering marvel. when dennis was talking about the armed services, service personnel who came in and out of the bay, when we talk to them about being part of the celebration, they were thrilled to do it. as i said, more than just this beautiful icon we have, it was a symbol to them of liberty, democracy, and as they left, it was the last thing they saw as they sailed out of the golden gate, the first thing that impressed them as they came back in. to our many service people throughout the world, it is an
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icon, exactly like the statue of liberty in new york city. it has been a pleasure to work with larry, co-chair. i think many people thought that he would be chosen because orange is the color of the san francisco giants, but that is not true. he was chosen because he is a great civic leader and a fourth generation, like i am. anyways, please welcome mr larry baer. [applause] >> thank you. it has taken me a little while to figure out, but i have realized i was selected because of my neck tie collection for work and my wife pam's scarf collection. i have to say, it has been a great pleasure working with you. your leadership, creativity. i want to call out a few other people already. without him, it would have been impossible for the celebration
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to happen. greg moore, thank you so much for everything you have done. i also want to give special thanks to stacy slaughter, senior vice president of the giants. she issenior vice president of the giants. she has done so much to make all this happen as well. the bridge, as has been mentioned, is a symbol of the city to the world. but i want today just a second mentioning that it is also a symbol of the city and to all of us to those who live in and around the city. i grew up just over there in the richmond district and still live in that general area. i have to say that when things are rough, things are down, i personally, and i believe a lot of other people do this, take a walk and look at the bridge. look at and are inspired by the creation and the sacrifice that went into building the bridge
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and think about what it means to our community. it is a symbol of life. i think that that is true of so many people, whether you live in the city or around the city or come to the city. this again it is something we can pause and think about. it is something very special. it is also a symbol to the world that our baseball team embraces. last friday night, the giants war in our game against the a's -- the giants wore some of the anniversary patches, and we won the game. [laughter] [applause] in the eighth inning, and this is some of you have seen, as we go to the bottom of the eighth inning, we play one of two songs. both in journey songs. one isli the oneghts." we play that it we are had -- one is "lights, to which we play
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for your head. the other one if we are behind is "don't stop believing." with those presentations, there are themes of san francisco, but there is always one theme that pops up, and it is a picture of the bridge. and that theme always gets a roaring applause. i think it is very special that we have so many wonderful icons in the city and so much going on but the bridge stands apart. next time you're at a game, noticed in the bottom of the eighth presentation, before the bottom of the it's, you will see that bridge pop and people go crazy. it is very special. a year-and-a-half ago, two years ago, we took to deciding on a way to commemorate the world series, a ring to commemorate th